The following Client Terms of Use ("Client Terms") constitute an agreement between HelloSavvy LLC ("Company"), and you that governs your use of this website to establish a client account and all of its associated services, content, and functionality. 


The Client Terms are incorporated by reference into HelloSavvy’s Terms of Use, located here. If the Client Terms are silent on any aspect, please review the Terms of Use. 


For ease of reading, Company has published components of its Terms on multiple pages of this website. The following are incorporated as part of these Terms by reference: 



Throughout the Client Terms, the collective content from the Website and any product/service sold by Company on the Website will be referred to as “Company Content.” 


Your use of the Company Content constitutes your acceptance of, and agreement to, the following Client Terms. 



Company reserves the right to modify, alter, amend or update its products, Website, policies, and these Terms. These Terms are subject to change without notice. If you do not agree with or do not accept any part of these Terms of Use, you must not use the Website. 



Establishing Your Account

On the Website, you may establish an account as a client (“Client”). There are two account types that you may select. A free Client account with viewing capabilities only or the Pro Client membership of $24/month or $240/year. 


The following benefits are to all Pro Client accounts: 

  • Search through freelancer profiles for free with unique keyword search and filtering options (skill, personality types, industries, etc.)
  • Create a Client Profile that showcases your company’s culture, mission, and values
  • Post unlimited opportunities to our JobOpp board with templates designed to help you “hire for culture”
  • Access our signature system for hiring the right freelancer, including a built-in prioritization matrix for hiring
  • No penalties for moving your perfect fit Freelancer off our platform
  • Online industry networking events and trainings on how to hire WELL are released every month
  • Built-in affiliate system - make money by simply sharing your job posting!
  • The ability to create a Pro Freelancer profile if you so choose.


You may elect to pay for your account on a monthly or annual basis. You will select the frequency of billing at the time of purchase. You will be billed for the initial payment at the time you establish your Pro account. 

You will be billed monthly or annually for your Pro Client account, depending on your selection. You are required to keep a credit card on file, which may be updated at any time by accessing the billing section of your account profile. If, at any time, we are unable to charge you for renewal of your Pro Client account, we will contact you to update your payment information. If your payment information is not updated within 10 days, we will suspend your account/downgrade it to the free version.


Upgrade/Downgrade Account

You can upgrade or downgrade your Client account at any time. If you upgrade from a Free account to Pro, you must make your initial payment in accordance with the terms above. 

If you downgrade at least 3 working days prior to your next billing date, you will not be billed at the same rate.



You can cancel your Client Account at any time. To cancel, navigate to the Account Settings, then Subscriptions to change your subscription account type. Your Account will be canceled at the expiration of the period for which you have already paid. This makes your profile and any job opportunities hidden and not viewable to the general public.  You may still view and manipulate your profile in a free account. This allows for future use of the account with your information being stored in the system. 

If you have a Pro Account, you must cancel at least 3 working days prior to your next billing date. If you have paid annually, you will not receive a prorated refund on the annual fee.


Profile Deletion

At any time, you may downgrade your account to a Free account. If you no longer want any of your information stored on the site, you can email [email protected] to have our admin do a complete wipe of your account. 


Refunds are not available for Pro Client Accounts. 



Pro Client accounts may begin building their Client profile. This profile will allow you to showcase your company’s culture, mission, and values. 

When building your profile, you agree to abide by the following rules: 

  • You will be honest about your business.
  • You will abide by our code of conduct. 
  • If you upload any content, including images, photos of you, or video, you are granting us permission to post this content on your behalf. 
  • You will not post any confidential, defamatory, or inappropriate content on your profile. 

Once your profile is live, any member of the public will be able to access it. It will be displayed with your first name and last initial or your business name. Please do not submit a profile if you do not want it to be accessible to the public. 

Filtering Criteria

HelloSavvy has a number of built-in types of filtering criteria, from experience with certain tools to language proficiency. Freelancers have entered information in a number of categories and have agreed to do so honestly; however, please be aware that this information may be subjective and you will be responsible for vetting the Freelancers to ensure they have the skills you need for your company. 


Personality Criteria

Freelancers have been invited to enter personality information. This includes categories from a number of commonly used personality frameworks, such as the Enneagram, Strengths Finder, or Kolbe. These categories are not required from our Freelancers; so you may also find other qualified candidates if you do not search by personality traits. 

Personality information is, like all Freelancer Portfolio information, self-reported by the Freelancers. There are not any tests administered by HelloSavvy to verify the content. 

Personality is one of many insights you can use in hiring, but because there is a level of subjectivity, we don’t recommend that it is your only hiring criteria. 



In a Freelancer portfolio, they may also list certifications and may also upload copies of the certificates. 

These are self-reported and you should verify whether or not it is up-to-date. Additionally, please verify that the skills indicated on the certification are what you need in your project. 



Pro Client Accounts will have the ability to use the HelloSavvy messaging system to contact Basic and Pro membership Freelancers. 

This will allow you to message other users. At all times, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct when using the messaging system. 

The messaging system has the ability to report users. If you are engaging with another member and they have violated the Code of Conduct, please flag the message and report it to us. 

If it is found that any user has violated any of the Terms, Company reserves the right to ban the individual from holding an account on the Website or from accessing any Company Content. 

You agree that HelloSavvy is not responsible for the content of any messages sent from third parties to you on the HelloSavvy platform.



As a Pro Client member, you will be eligible to post JobOpps. We will give you access to templates that have been designed to help you “hire for culture.” 

Upon posting a JobOpp, you will receive proposals from interested Freelancers. You will then be responsible for reviewing the proposals and taking any next steps.  


You agree that HelloSavvy is responsible for hosting your JobOpp only. There are no guarantees that you will receive interest from qualified Freelancers.  



When you hire a Freelancer, you will indicate in the JobOpp that the Freelancer has been hired. This will allow you to leave a review at the conclusion of the opportunity.



The HelloSavvy platform is intended to connect hiring Clients with Freelancers, who will be listed as independent contractors. 

State laws vary on the hiring of independent contractors. It is up to you to know whether or not you are eligible to hire someone as an independent contractor. 


You agree that HelloSavvy is not responsible for ascertaining Freelancer eligibility for hiring as an independent contractor. You agree that you will not hold us liable if you have miscategorized a hire from HelloSavvy as an independent contractor in contravention with any local, state, or federal laws.



It is up to you and the Freelancer to enter into an agreement. We strongly recommend that you enter a written contract. The JobOpp does not serve as a contract or scope of work. 

Once you hire, the HelloSavvy platform is no longer used. At that stage, we recommend moving to your usual communication platform. 


You agree that HelloSavvy is not responsible for assisting you with obtaining contracts for hiring Freelancers. HelloSavvy is not a law firm and will not provide you with any advice or support during the contract stage. Please talk to your lawyer for assistance.



Please remember, we do not take any fees from you upon hiring. We are not paid any portion of the invoice. We do not serve as an escrow or payment service. You must pay the Freelancer directly.


You agree that HelloSavvy is not responsible for collection of any payments, other than for your payments due for a Pro Client account. You will not hold HelloSavvy liable for any disputes related to payments to Freelancers.  



You will be invited to leave reviews for Freelancers who you have hired through HelloSavvy. You are asked to leave honest feedback. The review should adhere to the Code of Conduct and should not be false or defamatory. We do not make it a practice to remove reviews, but if you have left inappropriate conduct, we will be forced to do so. Freelancers are given the opportunity to request that we consider reviews for removal.  

Please note that we will not actively monitor the reviews that are submitted. If you encounter an issue with a review, please notify us immediately. 

You agree that you will leave only honest reviews for Freelancers.



In your portfolio and in all messages, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct. The following types of communications will not be tolerated: 

  • Harassment directed toward any HelloSavvy member or Company’s staff
  • No profanity or sexual content
  • Spam, which includes unsolicited pitches of any kind
  • Hate Speech of any kind
  • Defamatory statements regarding any party, including Company
  • References to illegal acts
  • Contributions that may violate the rights of any third party (e.g., claiming a piece of content is your work and another party has the rights)

Any violations of the Code of Conduct should be reported immediately to the Company. Company’s sole discretion will be used to determine if a member is in violation of these policies. Any Freelancer or Client in violation will be deleted promptly and will no longer be able to access their account. No refund will be due to a member who has been removed for a violation of this policy.


You agree to abide by the HelloSavvy Code of Conduct in your Client Portfolio and Freelancer communications. 



As a Client, you may also be a service provider. You are eligible to obtain a Pro Freelancer account to have both a Client and Freelancer experience. (Freelancer Terms)



Occasionally, we may solicit testimonials about the HelloSavvy service. If you provide us with a testimonial, you agree that we may publish the content of the testimonial, as well as your name and photo.



Company reserves the right to use your profile in its Marketing. For example, Company may feature your JobOpp on its social media. By creating a profile or JobOpp, you grant us the right to use your likeness and any uploaded content in our marketing.



The Company offers an affiliate program to all members upon signup.  You can access full details of the program by visiting our Affiliate Program Page


It’s our hope that all relationships formed through HelloSavvy will go smoothly. Our goal is to provide a platform where you can find the right Freelancers. 

However, we cannot guarantee that all relationships will go smoothly. This is why we urge you to ensure you have a contract with any Freelancers. That contract will be what you need to rely on in the event of a dispute. 

The HelloSavvy Terms of Use contain additional information regarding our policy on guarantees. Please review them for more information.



All other terms from the Terms of Use are incorporated into the Client Terms. 


Updated: February 2022