Why Another Marketplace?

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Because we were sick of the “race to the bottom dollar” mentality on most freelancer marketplaces and decided we wanted to break the mold. We believe that hiring is more than just a way to increase your profits. Hiring should involve trust. Hiring should involve relationship. Hiring should choose cultural fit over a college degree. Hiring should choose compatibility over the “cheapest rate”.

Community over competition.

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That’s why HelloSavvy bravely chooses community over competition. We acknowledge that growing to the next level in your business is scary. Others may doubt your capabilities. But we have never been the ones to “go with the norm”. We reject the path that society says we are supposed to follow. Instead, we creatively carve our own path. And with courage, we face our daily fears with confidence, knowing that the brilliance that led us this far will also lead us to the next stage of growth.

Because boldness is contagious.

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We are the risk-takers. We are the mold breakers. We are the game-changers. And we are daring you to be bold too. Community starts with a simple “hello”. And the bravery to acknowledge we are better together.


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